Top 10 Handguns for Women

Women’s hands are different from men’s. Most women have smaller hands than men and tend to have weaker grips. Additionally, female bodies are generally smaller than male bodies.

While we may be able to do just as well shooting a handgun as a man, we may have a preference when it comes to types of handguns we carry and shoot. When it comes to concealed carry, we prefer smaller handguns with lower recoil, which are easier to conceal.

The best handgun for women is the one that fits your needs. You want a handgun that is small enough to carry yet reliable enough, that is comfortable to shoot and fun to use. The right size, weight, and caliber will vary for each gun owner, so it is important to find the perfect handgun for you.

While there are many excellent pistols for women, the top pistols for females have to be lightweight and compact enough to wear comfortably. They must be powerful enough to get the job done, from but not so powerful that they are unwieldy.

Reasons Why Women Should Carry Concealed Firearms

There are many reasons why women should carry a concealed firearm:

  • Having a handgun or revolver with you when traveling will greatly increase your security. Being armed makes you less vulnerable and more confident.
  • Carrying a concealed handgun can greatly increase your awareness of your surroundings. Learning to live in “condition yellow” and being aware of your environment when carrying a concealed weapon can help you live life in a safer way.

The Best Handguns for Women Consider These Factors

When shopping for a gun, women must consider key features like size and weight. The best handguns for women will typically be compact and lightweight.

How does a gun’s caliber affect how light or heavy the felt recoil of the gun is? The larger the caliber, the heavier the felt recoil. For women who prefer smaller-caliber handguns, this can be an advantage to make shooting easier. Women should consider their intended use for handguns when purchasing them.

A handgun must be powerful enough to protect the shooter. However, it should be lightweight so that it is comfortable to carry throughout the day. A handgun used for concealed carry should have a durable and lightweight frame and a crisp, light trigger pull.

Important considerations for the best handguns for women:

Caliber: Of the most popular types of handguns in the U.S., the vast majority are chambered for 9mm and .380 ACP ammunition. Both calibers are effective at stopping a threat with enough power to handle comfortably. Because 9mm pistols are larger than .380 pistols, they have more recoil, but this is often counterbalanced by their overall size.

Recoil: While recoil varies from gun to gun and from shooter to shooter, a lightweight weapon with a low felt recoil will be more comfortable to shoot. Light recoil also allows for more accurate follow-up shots when necessary, so it’s important to consider the type of gun you’ll be using.

Size: If you’re looking for a concealed carry weapon, it’s important to choose a smaller gun that can fit into your bag or holster. Compact pistol are ideal, but larger guns are often better for home defense.

Weight: When choosing a concealed carry pistol, aim for the weight that is comfortable for you. Those who have weaker arms should look for a heavier gun to balance the recoil.

Magazine capacity: For concealed carry, a larger magazine capacity is desirable. Compact handguns are available with double-stack magazines for greater capacity. In a self-defense scenario, it may be necessary to use only one magazine.

Safety features: Safety features vary between different weapons. Some have manual safeties to prevent accidental firing when the gun is dropped. Some have a heavier trigger pull weight to make it less challenging for a beginner to shoot. Gun safety is paramount, particularly for beginners. Beginners can receive additional training and practice sessions on how to use their firearm safely and properly.

Reliability: A gun is one of the most important tools that citizens can purchase for self-defense. There are many different options on the market, so it’s important to compare the reliability and performance of each model with your needs in mind.

Carrying a Concealed Handgun Correctly

With that in mind, here are some pointers to make sure you get just the right concealed carry firearm:

Your concealed carry handgun should be the right size and weight for your body. It should be easy to carry for long periods of time, and it should fit comfortably.

Any optional features on your weapon that make it heavier or more difficult to use should be removed.

Your gun should easily conceal itself, taking minimal space in your pocket or purse. It should be easy to deploy, no matter how you’re carrying it. A gun must be highly functional and reliable for self defense handgun.

It is true that a gun with lots of tactical features can look good. However, if these features take away from your ability to defend yourself effectively, you should consider removing them.

Think about your handgun as part of a system, not just a piece. If you carry concealed on your waistband, the holster and gun belt will work together to help keep your weapon secure.

Now that you’ve decided on a concealed carry handgun, the most important thing is to regularly train with it.

Top Pistols for Women


Glock 19

The G19 is a decent size gun. It’s got 15 rounds of 9mm and the capacity is not bad at all. I think seeing guns like this on the list shows that women’s skill and confidence have grown to the point where they’re comfortable carrying and shooting larger guns.


Glock 42

The .380 ACP Glock 42 is one of the best guns for concealed carry and best glock pistols. It has a dual-recoil system that provides greater safety than any other handgun on the market and a trigger that helps prevent accidental firing. The ergonomic polymer grip fits comfortably in the hand of all size shooters and the pistol’s lightweight, sleek frame makes it easy to conceal.


Glock 43

The Glock 43 is a lightweight and concealable subcompact pistol that measures just over six inches tall and weighs just over 16 ounces. Thanks to its slim design, the Glock 43 is comfortable for smaller-handed shooters.


Ruger LC9S

The 9mm Ruger LC9S brings some much-needed quality to the market by offering a smoother trigger pull than other small pistols. It is a true 4.5 pound trigger weight, which is ideal for smaller-handed shooters. The pistol measures 6″ and weighs 17.2 ounces, putting it squarely in the mid-range for small pistols.


Sig Sauer P238

The P238 is ideal for women who prefer a more classic-styled handgun chambered in .380 ACP. The small, lightweight frame, low recoil and single-action design give the P238 a lighter felt recoil, making it easier to shoot and handle for new shooters or women with smaller hands.

The short barrel length of the SIG P238 makes accuracy more difficult for beginners. It measures only 5.5 inches in total length, meaning it’s easy to conceal in a small bag or purse. It is one of the more expensive guns on the market, but its reliability is unquestioned.


Sig Sauer P320

SIG Sauer’s P320 striker-fired pistol is one of the most popular pistols in the world and has been praised for its superior accuracy and reliability. It has a fully modular design with interchangeable grips, allowing the shooter to customize his or her firearm to suit personal preferences.

The P320 has a full-size frame, with a barrel length of 4.7 inches and an overall length of 8.9 inches. This makes it one of the largest firearms on the market. The heavy weight of 29.6 ounces makes it less ideal for concealed carry, but the 17-round magazines and excellent sighted accuracy make it perfect for target shooting or home defense.


Sig Sauer P365

The SIG Sauer P365 is a striker-fired pistol with a 1-inch barrel, stainless steel frame and slide, and a 17.8 ounce weight. The lightweight pistol is designed for accurate target shooting. With an in-frame safety and a smooth trigger pull, it makes shooting fun.

Despite a small size, the SIG P365 holds 10 rounds. In addition, the compact design is ideal for women seeking a concealed carry weapon that assists them in protecting themselves.


Smith & Wesson MP Shield

This gun has been one of the most popular weapons in recent years. It is so small, measuring less than an inch wide, and with an extremely concealed carry size. The slender grip makes it easy to conceal while still having a large capacity of up to eight plus one.


Springfield XDS

Springfield XDS 9+1 is a very nice single-stack 9mm. It is a little bit different than the others with a higher capacity magazine for a single-stack. The textured grip makes it really easy to grip, and the grip safety is one of those things that you either love or hate.


Walther PPS

This Walther PPS M2 is one of the most popular pistols on the market. It is one of the most concealable handguns on the market. With a slim profile and an overall length of 6.3 inches, this compact handgun is perfect for concealed carry.

The Walther PPS M2 is a popular concealed carry handgun with a small profile and comfortable grip. The gun comes in many different models with differing sizes and lengths of grip.

About the Various Calibers of Guns

Many women own .380 ACP pistols. This is a fine choice for many women, but sometimes they purchase them because it is the only gun that the salesman recommends. The .380 isn’t a bad choice, but there are other handgun rounds available in larger sizes.

Some of the most powerful handgun rounds are the 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. When choosing a handgun model, it’s important to look for one that is comfortable to shoot. While a .380 is good for training or home defense, it can be difficult to hold and fire comfortably for longer periods of time.

.22 Long Rifle

.22 caliber handguns are perfect for beginners. They’re easy to fire while still providing accuracy and power. They’re less intimidating, too, than larger-caliber pistols. .22s aren’t the best choice for concealed carry due to their lack of power.

.380 ACP

.380 ACP is a cartridge that is used in the semi automatic pistol, but only some models chambered for it. It is considered to be an extremely mild recoil and many models can be purchased, including both compact and full-sized pistols.

.38 Special

The .38 Special is a great self-defense caliber. It’s also relatively lightweight and easy to carry for extended periods of time. It’s a smaller caliber that packs less of a punch than its larger cousin, the .357


This is a semi-automatic 9mm handgun round and I love it. It offers a solid number of rounds and a great amount of stopping power. It’s fairly inexpensive to train and shoot with and the recoil is very manageable. It’s not my first choice for concealed carry, but it’s certainly one of my favorite options.

.40 S&W

.40 S&W, a popular choice among semi automatic handguns, is often considered the “alternative to 9mm.” Both caliber options share similar recoil profiles and are suitable for concealed carry.

.45 ACP

.45 ACP The .45 has always been one of the most popular calibers. It is ideal for classic weapons such as the 1911 and M1911, but also makes a fine carry gun when used in a concealed-carry holster. The .45 ACP is much less powerful than the other two cals, but could still pack quite a wallop depending on what you load it with.


There are many types of guns available to women. They come in weights and sizes, and some have features that make them more comfortable to carry. The weight of the gun determines how long it will take you to free it from its holster, and the size determines how easy it is to handle.

When choosing to carry concealed, it’s important to try out different holsters and concealment methods before selecting the one that works best for you. A good gun store will allow you to try out their collection of handguns before making your decision. After that, you just need to do a little research and make sure that the accessories you choose will work with the gun you chose.