Rhino Gun Safes: The Choice in Performance and Protection

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What is a Rhino Metal safe?

In 1995, Rhino Metals, Inc. was formed in a small town metal fabrication job shop as a U.S. owned manufacturing company. Don Suggs was a fighter pilot who also had a talent for manual labor, and he combined these two interests by starting his own business.

The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of various industries’ parts is Rhino Metals (Rhino Safes). Quality metal parts are produced in Idaho’s headquarters and manufacturing plant, which is located 35 miles outside of Boise. Rhino Ironworks is your best bet for high-quality gun safes and home safes.

What are the different models and sizes of the Rhino Metal safes?

The Rhino Gun Safe is a high-quality, reliable safe that offers superior protection from fire and theft. There are three different models of the Rhino Gun Safe, which are the Ironworks USA Series, Rhino USA Series and Kodiak Import Series.

The IRONWORKS® safes have a “vintage” look, as if they were made during the late 1800s. They’re both an art form and a very effective security solution. Distressed and hand-painted by hand, each individual safe results in an heirloom quality piece of functional art for your home or business.

This gun cabinet is constructed from pure steel and employs a single key to unlock it, making it capable of holding up to 14 weapons, shotguns and valuables, but without accessories, such as scopes or gun cases, that are 54 inches tall.

The safest safe available is the Rhino “CD” Safe Series. It features the F-4 electronic lock system, a ball bearing drill plate, and is made from steel that’s twice as thick as other safes. These safes provide superior peace of mind and security against burglary and fire, and are available in several sizes.

Which Rhino Safe should you buy?

I choose Kodiak series safe because of its performance and protection. Kodiak series are the best Rhino Gun Safes on the market, offering strength, durability, and security.

I would put this safe in my house because it is just a beautiful piece of work. The Rhino Gun Safe can protect up to 24 weapons, which is much more than the average safe.

What are some of the best features in a Rhino gun safe?

The Rhino gun safe features a thick 2.75mm steel composite door and body. The safe comes with a combination lock, key, and combination.

Rhino gun safes have some of the best features in a safe. They are made from three hardened steel plates that protect the safe lock from drill attacks. The Rhino gun safes come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate your personal needs.

They offer a high level of performance and protection for your firearms. The re-locker spring loaded feature is what makes the Rhino safe so secure and helps protect your firearms from being tampered with or removed.

Rhino Gun Safes are designed with a large door bolts. They have 2-sided protection and 8 total bolts to secure the safe.

Rhino Gun Safes are U.L. Certified RSC / CA DOJ Compliant and feature a patented locking mechanism for the best in performance and protection.

Why should you buy a Rhino safes?

A Rhino safe will keep all of your guns organized and protected at any time. You don’t need to worry about losing them when you move out of your current residence. A Rhino safe also provides great value for money.

You get a lot of bang for your buck! If you want something that looks good, protects well, and keeps everything where you want it, then a Rhino safe is definitely worth looking into.