Kodiak Gun Safes: Top-rated Gun Safes that are Built to Last

Kodiak Gun Safes are branded gun safes from Rhino Metals, the well-known manufacturer. Those safes are also similar to Rhino’s other budget brand, BigHorn.

There are 3 versions of the Kodiak Safe, with sizes that range from small to large. All lineups start with a K, KB, or KSB. A number and letter are then put after those letters to represent the safe‘s height and width. My Thoughts on these safes.

What are the best features of a Kodiak Gun Safe?

The Kodiak Gun Safes are made of heavy-duty steel with 3 hardened plates to protect the locking mechanism. This is a smart choice for gun owners. It provides the highest level of security for your firearms by preventing unauthorized entry. It has a full-width seal to ensure that even if someone tried to pry open the door, there is no way open for them.

Kodiak Gun Safes are not only built to last, they are also designed with a 75 mm thick door and steel-reinforced floor, with an optional fireproofing system. The safe comes in black or gray and will protect your firearms from theft and fires!

The Relocker function on this Kodiak safe is a must-have feature. It allows you to relock your gun and prevent unauthorized use from happening.

What are some popular models of Kodiak Gun Safes?

Kodiak 24 Gun Safe

Kodiak® KB19ECX Import Gun Safe | 350 lbs, 30 Minute Fire, Deluxe Door Organizer, Electronic Lock, and Swing Out Gun Rack Compatible

The Kodiak KB19ECX is the perfect combination of safety and convenience for storing firearms in an organized manner. The KB19ECX features a heavy duty steel door that can be locked or unlocked by electronic keypad entry. This safe has been designed to fit into any standard sized closet or gun cabinet. It also includes a swing out rack system, which allows easy access to all stored items without having to open the entire unit.

This safe comes equipped with a deluxe interior organizer so you don’t have to worry about your guns getting tangled up when they’re not being used. There are two drawers inside this safe, as well as one outside drawer where you can store extra ammunition magazines. You’ll find it very convenient to keep everything together like this because there will never be any confusion over what goes where.

You may want to consider purchasing additional accessories, such as a fire extinguisher if you plan on keeping flammable materials inside your home. If you do decide to purchase this safe, make sure you get the model that matches your needs best. For example, if you need something smaller than the KB19ECX but still want some storage space, check out the KB15ECX.

Kodiak 32 Gun Safe

This Kodiak 32 gun safe is large, measuring 59″ in height, 33″ in width, and 20″ in depth, and weighs approximately 420 lbs. According to the official details, the truck has space for up to 32 long guns and 6 handguns.

Typically, the stated capacity of gun safes is an absolute maximum, as you would be forcing the safes into a more compact configuration than is ideal. When it comes to firearms, the likelihood is greater that you will be comfortable using it with fewer firearms than attempting to cram as many as possible.

This Rhino Kodiak 32 gun safe has a UL Listed commercial-grade Type 1 electronic lock listed as the locking mechanism. In other words, it is simple to open using your code, but practically impossible to gain unauthorized access to.

An extremely strong 2mm steel composite door and body is complemented by a 2.00 mm steel door frame, making this a robust, trustworthy safe. Additionally, there are eight 1-inch diameter door bolts in each door. The durability of the plate combined with its hardness also means that drilling into it doesn’t do much damage.

The safe‘s fire rating is impressive: it withstands temperatures up to 1400°F for 40 minutes. The inclusion of the fireboard protection in the ceiling, walls, floor, and door is responsible for this.

  • The company’s reviews are good on Amazon.
  • Fast delivery
  • Low price with good quality
  • Made in China


Though they aren’t one of the major gun safe manufacturers, Rhino Metals have continuously pushed innovation in their products.

However, the Kodiak Safes may not be the most reliable when it comes to the quality of their products, but for their value, the swing-out rack, and the use of name brand SecuRAM locks, they more than make up for it.

I don’t think you can go wrong by buying one of these safes, though you may want to consider USA-made safes like Fort Knox, Browning, or Liberty if you have more money to spend.